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What Is Becoming Untamed?

What it's NOT​

  • BELIEVING that somehow nothing good ever happens to you

  • FEELING like you are destine to remain the same

  • NORMAL to accepting nothing ever changes

  • THINKING you are all alone

Becoming Untamed is Rebellion

Unleash the rebel within you. Break mental bondage for new possibilities

Everyone has a rebel inside of them ready to start a REVOLUTION


  • To be inspired by someone's bravery to take Action

  • To start a Revolution within you becoming a BETTER version of you

  • To gain Courage with every pound lost and jeans size dropped

  • To find Clarity with 100s of different foods options

  • To have Confidence you are learning what works for you

  • To have Certainty this is YOUR lifestyle change ensuring longevity​

To inspire someone just like YOU to start their own Weight Lost Revolution


Awareness - Certainty - Confidence

  •  Take Control Of Your Week With Weekly Live Webinars

  • Ask Questions, Get Answers, and Share Ideas inside of the Members Only Facebook Group

  • Reframe Single Events To Serve You 



Boost Energy - Increase Mood - Weight Control

  • 100s Of Food Options With Metabolic Based Nutritional Profile

  • Daily Meal Monitoring

  • Track Your Progress with Bodyfat And Girth Measurements


Variety - Accountability - Support

  • Unlimited Small Group Training

  • New Workout During Each Session

  • Workouts Designed For YOUR Pace

  • Dozens Of Workouts On-site & Online Training

So, What Makes Untamed Any Different?

Ever Participated In Some Type Of Challenge?

  • You Know, 30 Day Squat Challenge, 60 Day Walking Challenge, 90 Day Transformation Challenge

  • What happens once the 'challenge' was over?

  • What happens once the squats stopped?

  • What happens when the walking tribe disbands?

  • What happens when the transformation is over?

  • Did life return back to 'normal'?

  • Did the squats, walking, and transformation routine maintain after the challenge was over?



Unless you are into losing and gaining that same 10lbs over and over again, We have to create a lasting Lifestyle Change.

It Truly is key to moving from just wanting to lose some weight to KEEPING weight off for a lifetime.

It’s the TRUTH!!

We are not here to win a popularity contest

by telling you what you WANT to hear





How Is This Lifestyle Change Made?


About Us

Natasha and Chris Thompson

I am natural pro bodybuilder as well as a former nationally ranked powerlifter along with my husband (he's my coach as well) have taken all of our best stuff from the last 15 years and put it into a format that will level up your mindset, alter your eating behaviors, and drop several jean sizes.