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Where are Your Fitness and Wellness Levels At?

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

You scroll through social media each day, and you are bombarded with health and fitness information. Advertisements and articles that are designed to impart much-needed information to the audience about the state of fitness and health in America today, and what we as responsible citizens should do.

I want you to stop and think for just one moment. How do you determine your current fitness and wellness levels? Does your regular doctor test you each time you visit? Probably not. Nor do they give you any method for determining the status on your own. Fitness centers abound in this country, and most are staffed with counselors who can test your fitness level. What about your wellness level? Are they one and the same? They are not, yet they rely heavily on each other to keep you healthy.

Being fit and being well are different conditions. Your wellness rating is dependent upon your immune system, and what vitamins, supplements, and nutrition you provide for your immune system. Fit people can sometimes be unwell. And well people can sometimes be unfit. However, when you do combine the two, and use sound principles based on clean living, exercise, and healthy eating, you attain a state of equilibrium where you are both fit and well.

Most individuals do not take the time to completely understand the advantages of being both fit and well. We read and absorb the information we are given through the media and health organizations, without ever pondering if we are receiving all the information we need, or simply the part that is profitable to be seen or heard. Fitness gyms need your monthly fees in order to remain operational. They have no real concern about the condition of your immune system. Physical fitness is a condition of the body alone. Hospitals and doctors need you as a patient in order to remain operational; they want you to know you need to be fit and well, but often leave out important pieces that affect your wellness and, therefore, your ability to be fit.

What about eating habits? What about vitamins and minerals? What role do our daily intake play in our health, our wellness, and our fitness?

More than you have been led to believe or understand. The body’s ability to remain well under anything other than ideal conditions is a direct result of the nutrition received on a daily basis. The mind’s ability to remain well is, again, a direct result of our nutrition intake. For instance, the human brain does not develop well without the necessary input of protein and fats in our daily diet. No protein and fats, no intelligence. No intelligence, then none of the other states are attainable.

Our spiritual input is a determining factor when establishing our fitness level. We all need the benefit of spiritual reflection, as a way of cleansing ourselves of the stress of our daily life. Spirituality is a way of assuring ourselves of a renewing, and rebirth of ourselves as humans. Fitness encompasses our body’s health, as a whole and in this respect, it includes the mind. It is a condition of the whole body. Fitness is a condition of wellness for our physical body.


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